Fast and Safe Cargo Transport Across Europe

Fast and Safe Cargo Transport Across Europe

Date: 2023-07-29 18:40:16 - English Blog

When it comes to transporting your cargo in Europe, Easy Move Europe offers a fast and secure van delivery service that caters to smaller loads (up to 1000kg) with efficiency and reliability. Our wide range of vans ensures that your shipments are swiftly transported from door-to-door, providing you with a convenient solution for your urgent delivery needs. We take pride in our ability to load your cargo promptly, often accommodating same-day requests for delivery anywhere in Europe.

Why Choose Easy Move Europe for Your Cargo Transportation?

  1. Ideal for Fragile and High-Risk Shipments:
    If you have delicate or high-risk cargo, our van delivery service is the perfect choice for ensuring its safe arrival. We prioritize the security and protection of your goods throughout the transportation process.

  2. Faster Than Truck Services for Expedited Deliveries:
    With Easy Move Europe, you can experience quicker delivery times compared to traditional truck services, making it an excellent option for time-sensitive and expedited shipments.

  3. Door-to-Door Delivery for Up to 1000kg and 10 Euro Pallets:
    We offer seamless door-to-door delivery services for cargo weighing up to 1000kg and comprising up to 10 euro pallets, providing you with convenience and efficiency for your transportation needs.

  4. Secure and Efficient with Comprehensive Insurance Coverage:
    Rest assured that your cargo is in safe hands with our van delivery service. We provide comprehensive insurance coverage that safeguards your goods against damage, theft, and other unforeseen events.

  5. Part Load Option for Flexible Cargo Solutions:
    For cargo that cannot fit entirely into a single van, we offer a part load option, ensuring that your goods can still be transported without the need for a full van capacity.

Various Vans Available to Suit Your Requirements:

At Easy Move Europe, we offer a range of van sizes to match your specific cargo needs. From vans accommodating 5 to 10 euro pallets (if non-stackable) to Semi-trucks capable of carrying larger loads up to 3500kg, we have the right vehicle for your transportation requirements. Additionally, for heavy-duty cargo, our standard Tautliner is capable of handling up to 24000kg.

Choose Easy Move Europe for Fast and Reliable Cargo Transport:

With Easy Move Europe, you can count on our efficient van delivery service to transport your cargo quickly and securely across Europe. We prioritize customer satisfaction and guarantee the safe handling of your goods from the moment they leave your door to their timely delivery at the destination. Experience hassle-free cargo transportation with Easy Move Europe today.


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