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For your company or for a private move, the van delivery service is the ideal solution.

"You can move anything in Europe with a van dedicated only for your cargo. For your company or for a private move, the van delivery service is the ideal solution."


Customized pick-up and delivery time- Collection and deliveries on weekends, day and night -Same day collection available for urgent transport
Transport of heavy and bulky items -No special packaging is required -Ideal for transporting fragile items

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every shipment with our dedicated van delivery is covered by CMR conventions and extended liability is also available (for commercial shipments). The value is currently around 10 euros per kilo and apply to occurrence of theft, damaged goods, gross negligence in international and domestic transport.

No, we have other types, models and sizes of vans. The size you see in the description is an average, sizes may vary. We will always try to maintain the capacity contracted by you (13 and 19 cubic meters), so it is important that you provide us with as much information as possible about your cargo so that we can send you the appropriate van. To transport dangerous items we also have the ADR van and to transport perishable items that need controlled temperature, we have the refrigerated vans, which can be hired separately, just contact us via email or phone and we will provide you with a quote.

No, please note that the driver's main focus is driving and he will help load and/or unload the cargo if this is contracted to at the time you hire the transport. Please note that not all drivers are physically able to help, so you need to let us know in advance so that the ideal driver is chosen.

When you hire the help service, you need to consider that the driver will help to load/unload from the first floor level to the van and vice versa. For cases where loading/unloading is in apartments that do not have an elevator, you need to let us know in advance, as not all drivers are physically able to go up and down stairs.

Hazardous goods: e.g. firearms, explosives, ammunition, hazardous materials, radioactives.
Illegal goods: Drugs, endangered species, other products illegal under EU laws.
Livestock: Live stock animals, horses, pets, mice, worms, insects.
Money: Currencies, banknotes and coins.
Securities: Bonds, stocks, negotiable documents and all types of securities.

For transport within the EU, no special documentation is usually required, but when the country of origin or destination is not part of the European Union, the customer always needs to prepare the documentation in advance. Each country has different rules, so you can consult us and we will guide you through this process. In some cases you will be able to prepare the necessary documentation only with our help, but most of the time it is a broker that will carry out this work.

With the dedicated van delivery, you do not need to package your shipment in any specific way. The shipper is able to accommodate the goods in the van however they like, packed or not. However, note that in the movement of the van on the highway one item can crash into the other causing damage and no one wants that to happen, so we still recommend protecting your goods for transport to avoid damage.

Rodrigo Farias


“With our friends of Easy move, we can put our cargo in their hands and focus on our business, as they are reliable and extremely professional.With them, we don't have dissatisfied customers calling us asking where the cargo is or complaining about delays.”

Ava Williams

Client from UK

“We have already used Easy Move Europe's services 2 times for relocation and each time they have been extremely efficient And always go above and beyond expectations. I have already recommended it to several friends and they are all satisfied.“

About US

Easy Move Europe is an online digital platform that connects companies and private persons to a huge van network, simplifying and making relocation of business and personal assets affordable, through an algorithm that offers prices instantly, with transparency.

The company was founded with the goal of providing an efficient and reliable transportation service for businesses and individuals in Europe. We are headquartered in Bucharest, RO, and our team of experienced drivers and logistic experts will ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination, safely, securely, and on time.

"Everything becomes obvious once you know the answer"

James Kaljes (Owner)